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You can use the CREATE RESOURCE GROUP statement to create a resource group.


CreateResourceGroupStmt: "CREATE" "RESOURCE" "GROUP" IfNotExists ResourceGroupName ResourceGroupOptionList IfNotExists ::= ('IF' 'NOT' 'EXISTS')? ResourceGroupName: Identifier ResourceGroupOptionList: DirectResourceGroupOption | ResourceGroupOptionList DirectResourceGroupOption | ResourceGroupOptionList ',' DirectResourceGroupOption DirectResourceGroupOption: "RU_PER_SEC" EqOpt stringLit | "BURSTABLE"

The resource group name parameter (ResourceGroupName) must be globally unique.

TiDB supports the following DirectResourceGroupOption, where Request Unit (RU) is a unified abstraction unit in TiDB for CPU, IO, and other system resources.

RU_PER_SECRate of RU backfilling per secondRU_PER_SEC = 500 indicates that this resource group is backfilled with 500 RUs per second

If the BURSTABLE attribute is set, TiDB allows the corresponding resource group to use the available system resources when the quota is exceeded.


Create two resource groups rg1 and rg2.

mysql> DROP RESOURCE GROUP IF EXISTS rg1; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.22 sec) mysql> CREATE RESOURCE GROUP IF NOT EXISTS rg1 -> RU_PER_SEC = 100 -> BURSTABLE; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.08 sec) mysql> CREATE RESOURCE GROUP IF NOT EXISTS rg2 -> RU_PER_SEC = 200; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.08 sec) mysql> SELECT * FROM information_schema.resource_groups WHERE NAME ='rg1' or NAME = 'rg2'; +------+-------------+-----------+ | NAME | RU_PER_SEC | BURSTABLE | +------+-------------+-----------+ | rg1 | 100 | YES | | rg2 | 200 | NO | +------+-------------+-----------+ 2 rows in set (1.30 sec)

MySQL compatibility

MySQL also supports CREATE RESOURCE GROUP. However, the acceptable parameters are different from that of TiDB so that they are not compatible.

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