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TiDB Introduction

TiDB ("Ti" stands for Titanium) is an open-source NewSQL database that supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads. It is MySQL compatible and features horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability.

TiDB can be deployed on-premise or in-cloud. The following deployment options are officially supported by PingCAP:

  • Ansible Deployment: This guide describes how to deploy TiDB using TiDB Ansible. It is strongly recommended for production deployment.
  • Ansible Offline Deployment: If your environment has no access to the internet, you can follow this guide to see how to deploy a TiDB cluster offline using TiDB Ansible.
  • Docker Deployment: This guide describes how to deploy TiDB using Docker.
  • Binary Tarball Deployment: This guide describes how to deploy TiDB from a binary tarball in production. Guides for development and testing environments are also available.

Community Provided Blog Posts & Tutorials

The following list collects deployment guides and tutorials from the community. The content is subject to change by the contributors.

Your contribution is also welcome! Feel free to open a pull request to add additional links.

Source Code

Source code for all components of the TiDB platform is available on GitHub.

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