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Pause a Data Migration Task

You can use the pause-task command to pause a data migration task.

pause-task differs from stop-task in that:

  • pause-task only pauses a migration task. You can query the status information (retained in the memory) of the task using query-status. stop-task terminates a migration task and removes all information related to this task from the memory. This means you cannot use query-status to query the status information. dm_meta like "checkpoint" and data that have been migrated to the downstream are not removed.
  • If pause-task is executed to pause the migration task, you cannot start a new task with the same name, neither can you get the relay log of the paused task removed, since this task does exist. If stop-task is executed to stop a task, you can start a new task with the same name, and you can get the relay log of the stopped task removed, since this task no longer exists.
  • pause-task is usually used to pause a task for troubleshooting, while stop-task is to permanently remove a migration task, or to co-work with start-task to update the configuration information.
help pause-task
pause a specified running task

 dmctl pause-task [-s source ...] <task-name | task-file> [flags]

 -h, --help   help for pause-task

Global Flags:
 -s, --source strings   MySQL Source ID

Usage example

pause-task [-s "mysql-replica-01"] task-name

Flags description

  • -s: (Optional) Specifies the MySQL source where you want to pause the subtasks of the migration task. If it is set, this command pauses only the subtasks on the specified MySQL source.
  • task-name| task-file: (Required) Specifies the task name or task file path.

Returned results

pause-task test
    "op": "Pause",
    "result": true,
    "msg": "",
    "sources": [
            "result": true,
            "msg": "",
            "source": "mysql-replica-01",
            "worker": "worker1"
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