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Security Compatibility with MySQL

TiDB supports similar security functionality to MySQL 5.7, with the following exceptions:

  • Only the mysql_native_password authentication scheme is supported
    • In MySQL 8.0, mysql_native_password is no longer the default/preferred plugin. To connect to TiDB using a MySQL client from MySQL 8.0, you must explicitly specify default-auth=mysql_native_password.
  • External authentication (such as with LDAP) is not currently supported
  • Column level permissions are not supported
  • Using certificates for authentication is not supported #9708
  • Password expiry, as well as password last-changed tracking and password lifetime are not supported #9709
  • The permission attributes max_questions, max_updated, max_connections, max_user_connections are not supported
  • Password validation is not currently supported #9741
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is not currently supported
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