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TiDB Binlog Error Handling

This document introduces common errors that you might encounter and solutions to these errors when you use TiDB Binlog.

kafka server: Message was too large, server rejected it to avoid allocation error is returned when Drainer replicates data to Kafka

Cause: Executing a large transaction in TiDB generates binlog data of a large size, which might exceed Kafka's limit on the message size.

Solution: Adjust the configuration parameters of Kafka as shown below:

message.max.bytes=1073741824 replica.fetch.max.bytes=1073741824 fetch.message.max.bytes=1073741824

Pump returns no space left on device error

Cause: The local disk space is insufficient for Pump to write binlog data normally.

Solution: Clean up the disk space and then restart Pump.

fail to notify all living drainer is returned when Pump is started

Cause: When Pump is started, it notifies all Drainer nodes that are in the online state. If it fails to notify Drainer, this error log is printed.

Solution: Use the binlogctl tool to check whether each Drainer node is normal or not. This is to ensure that all Drainer nodes that are in the online state are working normally. If the state of a Drainer node is not consistent with its actual working status, use the binlogctl tool to change its state and then restart Pump.

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