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TiDB 6.1.7 Release Notes

Release date: July 12, 2023

TiDB version: 6.1.7

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  • TiDB

    • Use pessimistic transactions in internal transaction retry to avoid retry failure and reduce time consumption #38136 @jackysp
  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Support batch UPDATE DML statements to improve TiCDC replication performance #8084 @amyangfei
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Verify checksum through SQL after the import to improve stability of verification #41941 @GMHDBJD

Bug fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix the panic issue caused by empty processInfo #43829 @zimulala
    • Fix the issue that resolve lock might hang when there is a sudden change in PD time #44822 @zyguan
    • Fix the issue that queries containing Common Table Expressions (CTEs) might cause insufficient disk space #44477 @guo-shaoge
    • Fix the issue that using CTEs and correlated subqueries simultaneously might result in incorrect query results or panic #44649 #38170 #44774 @winoros @guo-shaoge
    • Fix the issue that the query result of the SELECT CAST(n AS CHAR) statement is incorrect when n in the statement is a negative number #44786 @xhebox
    • Fix the query panic issue of TiDB in certain cases #40857 @Dousir9
    • Fix the issue that SQL compile error logs are not redacted #41831 @lance6716
    • Fix the issue that the SELECT statement returns an error for a partitioned table if the table partition definition uses the FLOOR() function to round a partitioned column #42323 @jiyfhust
    • Fix the issue that querying partitioned tables might cause errors during Region split #43144 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue of unnecessary memory usage during reading statistical information #42052 @xuyifangreeneyes
    • Fix the issue of excessive memory usage after creating a large number of empty partitioned tables #44308 @hawkingrei
    • Fix the issue that queries might return incorrect results when tidb_opt_agg_push_down is enabled #44795 @AilinKid
    • Fix the issue that the join result of common table expressions might be wrong #38170 @wjhuang2016
    • Fix the issue that in some rare cases, residual pessimistic locks of pessimistic transactions might affect data correctness when GC resolves locks #43243 @MyonKeminta
    • Fix the issue that after a new column is added in the cache table, the value is NULL instead of the default value of the column #42928 @lqs
    • Fix the issue that TiDB returns an error when the corresponding rows in partitioned tables cannot be found in the probe phase of index join #43686 @AilinKid @mjonss
    • Fix the issue that dropping a database causes slow GC progress #33069 @tiancaiamao
    • Fix the issue that data and indexes are inconsistent when the ON UPDATE statement does not correctly update the primary key #44565 @zyguan
    • Fix the issue that TiCDC might lose some row changes during table renaming #43338 @tangenta
    • Fix the behavior issue of Placement Rules in partitioned tables, so that the Placement Rules in deleted partitions can be correctly set and recycled #44116 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that when tidb_scatter_region is enabled, Region does not automatically split after a partition is truncated #43174 #43028
    • Fix the issue of DDL retry caused by write conflict when executing TRUNCATE TABLE for partitioned tables with many partitions and TiFlash replicas #42940 @mjonss
    • Fix the issue of incorrect execution plans when pushing down window functions to TiFlash #43922 @gengliqi
    • Fix the issue that incorrect results might be returned when using a common table expression (CTE) in statements with non-correlated subqueries #44051 @winoros
    • Fix the issue that using memTracker with cursor fetch causes memory leaks #44254 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that the data length in the QUERY column of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.DDL_JOBS table might exceed the column definition #42440 @tiancaiamao
    • Fix the issue that the min, max query result is incorrect #43805 @wshwsh12
    • Fix the issue that TiDB reports syntax errors when analyzing tables #43392 @guo-shaoge
    • Fix the issue that the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement cannot display the TxnStart of the transaction of the statement with a long subquery time #40851 @crazycs520
    • Fix the issue of missing table names in the ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS result when a DROP TABLE operation is being executed #42268 @tiancaiamao
    • Fix the issue of displaying the incorrect TiDB address in IPv6 environment #43260 @nexustar
    • Fix the issue that the SQL statement reports the runtime error: index out of range error when using the AES_DECRYPT expression #43063 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that there is no warning when using SUBPARTITION to create partitioned tables #41198 #41200 @mjonss
    • Fix the issue that the query with CTE causes TiDB to hang #43749 #36896 @guo-shaoge
    • Fix the issue that truncating a partition of a partitioned table might cause the Placement Rule of the partition to become invalid #44031 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that CTE results are incorrect when pushing down predicates #43645 @winoros
    • Fix the issue that auto-commit change affects transaction commit behaviours #36581 @cfzjywxk
  • TiKV

    • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning might cause SST file leakage #14745 @YuJuncen
    • Fix the issue that encryption key ID conflict might cause the deletion of the old keys #14585 @tabokie
    • Fix the issue of file handle leakage in Continuous Profiling #14224 @tabokie
  • PD

    • Fix the issue that gRPC returns errors with unexpected formats #5161 @HuSharp
  • Tools

    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix the issue that resolved lock timeout is falsely reported in some cases #43236 @YuJuncen
      • Fix the issue of backup slowdown when a TiKV node crashes in a cluster #42973 @YuJuncen
    • TiCDC

      • Fix the issue that TiCDC cannot create a changefeed with a downstream Kafka-on-Pulsar #8892 @hi-rustin
      • Fix the issue that TiCDC cannot automatically recover when PD address or leader fails #8812 #8877 @asddongmen
      • Fix the issue that when the downstream is Kafka, TiCDC queries the downstream metadata too frequently and causes excessive workload in the downstream #8957 #8959 @hi-rustin
      • Fix the issue that TiCDC gets stuck when PD fails such as network isolation or PD Owner node reboot #8808 #8812 #8877 @asddongmen
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Fix the issue that in Logical Import Mode, deleting tables downstream during import might cause TiDB Lightning metadata not to be updated in time #44614 @dsdashun
      • Fix the issue that disk quota might be inaccurate due to competing conditions #44867 @D3Hunter
      • Fix the issue of write to tikv with no leader returned when importing a large amount of data #43055 @lance6716
      • Fix a possible OOM problem when there is an unclosed delimiter in the data file #40400 @buchuitoudegou
      • Fix the issue that OOM might occur when importing a wide table #43728 @D3Hunter
    • TiDB Binlog

      • Fix the issue that the etcd client does not automatically synchronize the latest node information during initialization #1236 @lichunzhu
      • Fix the panic issue of Drainer due to an old TiKV client version by upgrading the TiKV client #1170 @lichunzhu
      • Fix the issue that unfiltered failed DDL statements cause task errors #1228 @lichunzhu
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