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TiDB 2.1.13 Release Notes

Release date: June 21, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.13

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.13


  • Add a feature to use SHARD_ROW_ID_BITS to scatter row IDs when the column contains an AUTO_INCREMENT attribute to relieve the hotspot issue #10788
  • Optimize the lifetime of invalid DDL metadata to speed up recovering the normal execution of DDL operations after upgrading the TiDB cluster #10789
  • Fix the OOM issue in high concurrent scenarios caused by the failure to quickly release Coprocessor resources, resulted from the execdetails.ExecDetails pointer #10833
  • Add the update-stats configuration item to control whether to update statistics #10772
  • Add the following TiDB-specific syntax to support Region presplit to solve the hotspot issue:
  • Add the PRE_SPLIT_REGIONS table option #10863
  • Add the SPLIT TABLE table_name INDEX index_name syntax #10865
  • Add the SPLIT TABLE [table_name] BETWEEN (min_value...) AND (max_value...) REGIONS [region_num] syntax #10882
  • Fix the panic issue caused by the KILL syntax in some cases #10879
  • Improve the compatibility with MySQL for ADD_DATE in some cases #10718
  • Fix the wrong estimation for the selectivity rate of the inner table selection in index join #10856


  • Fix the issue that incomplete snapshots are generated in the system caused by the iterator not checking the status #4940
  • Add a feature to check the validity for the block-size configuration #4930


  • TiDB Binlog
    • Fix the wrong offset issue caused by Pump not checking the returned value when it fails to write data #640
    • Add the advertise-addr configuration in Drainer to support the bridge mode in the container environment #634
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