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TiDB Lightning Web Interface

TiDB Lightning provides a webpage for viewing the import progress and performing some simple task management. This is called the server mode.

To enable server mode, either start tidb-lightning with the --server-mode flag

tiup tidb-lightning --server-mode --status-addr :8289

or set the lightning.server-mode setting in the configuration file.

[lightning] server-mode = true status-addr = ':8289'

After TiDB Lightning is launched, visit to control the program (the actual URL depends on the status-addr setting).

In server mode, TiDB Lightning does not start running immediately. Rather, users submit (multiple) tasks via the web interface to import data.

Front page

Front page of the web interface

Functions of the title bar, from left to right:

"TiDB Lightning"Click to go back to the front page
Display any error message from previous task
List current and queued tasks; a badge may appear here to indicate number of queued tasks
+Submit a task
⏸/▶Pause/resume current execution
Configure auto-refresh of the web page

Three panels below the title bar show all tables in different states:

  • Active: these tables are currently being imported
  • Completed: these tables have been imported successfully or failed
  • Pending: these tables are not yet processed

Each panel contains cards describing the status of the table.

Submit task

Click the + button on the title bar to submit a task.

Submit task dialog

Tasks are TOML files described as task configurations. One could also open a local TOML file by clicking UPLOAD.

Click SUBMIT to run the task. If a task is already running, the new task will be queued and executed after the current task succeeds.

Table progress

Click the > button of a table card on the front page to view the detailed progress of a table.

Table progress

The page shows the import progress of every engine and data files associated with the table.

Click TiDB Lightning on the title bar to go back to the front page.

Task management

Click the button on the title bar to manage the current and queued tasks.

Task management page

Each task is labeled by the time it was submitted. Clicking the task would show the configuration formatted as JSON.

Manage tasks by clicking the button next to a task. You can stop a task immediately, or reorder queued tasks.

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