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Compatibility Catalog of TiDB Data Migration

DM supports migrating data from different sources to TiDB clusters. Based on the data source type, DM has four compatibility levels:

  • Generally available (GA): The application scenario has been verified and passed the GA test.
  • Experimental: Although the application scenario has been verified, the test does not cover all scenarios or involves only a limited number of users. The application scenario might encounter problems occasionally.
  • Not tested: DM is expected to be always compatible with MySQL during iteration. However, due to resource constraints, not all MySQL forks are tested with DM. Therefore, the not tested source or target is technically compatible with DM, but is not fully tested, which means you need to verify its compatibility before you use.
  • Incompatible: DM is proved to be incompatible with the data source and the application is not recommended for use in production environments.

Data sources

Data sourceCompatibility levelRemarks
MySQL ≤ 5.5Not tested
MySQL 8.0Experimental
MariaDB < 10.1.2IncompatibleIncompatible with binlog of the time type
MariaDB 10.1.2 ~ 10.5.10Experimental
MariaDB > 10.5.10IncompatiblePermission errors reported in the check procedure

Target databases

Target databaseCompatibility levelDM version
TiDB 6.0GA≥ 5.3.1
TiDB 5.4GA≥ 5.3.1
TiDB 5.3GA≥ 5.3.1
TiDB 5.2GA≥ 2.0.7, recommended: 5.4
TiDB 5.1GA≥ 2.0.4, recommended: 5.4
TiDB 5.0GA≥ 2.0.4, recommended: 5.4
TiDB 4.xGA≥ 2.0.1, recommended: 2.0.7
TiDB 3.xGA≥ 2.0.1, recommended: 2.0.7
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