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TiDB 6.3.0 Release Notes

Release date: September 30, 2022

TiDB version: 6.3.0-DMR

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In v6.3.0-DMR, the key new features and improvements are as follows:

  • TiKV supports encryption at rest using the SM4 algorithm.
  • TiDB supports authentication using the SM3 algorithm.
  • The CREATE USER and ALTER USER statements support the ACCOUNT LOCK/UNLOCK option.
  • JSON data type and functions become generally available (GA).
  • TiDB supports null-aware anti join.
  • TiDB provides execution time metrics at a finer granularity.
  • A new syntactic sugar is added to simplify Range partition definitions.
  • Range COLUMNS partitioning supports defining multiple columns.
  • The performance of adding indexes is tripled.
  • Reduce the impact of resource-consuming queries on the response time of lightweight queries by more than 50%.

New features


  • Add a new syntactic sugar (Range INTERVAL partitioning) to simplify Range partition definitions (experimental) #35683 @mjonss

    TiDB provides INTERVAL partitioning as a new way of defining Range partitions. You do not need to enumerate all partitions, which drastically reduces the length of Range partitioning DDL statements. The syntax is equivalent to that of the original Range partitioning.

  • Range COLUMNS partitioning supports defining multiple columns #36636 @mjonss

    TiDB supports PARTITION BY RANGE COLUMNS (column_list). column_list is no longer limited to a single column. The basic feature is the same as MySQL.

  • EXCHANGE PARTITION becomes GA #35996 @ymkzpx

  • Support pushdown of two more window functions to TiFlash #5579 @SeaRise

    • LEAD()
    • LAG()
  • Provide lightweight metadata lock to improve the DML success rate during DDL change (experimental) #37275 @wjhuang2016

    TiDB uses the online asynchronous schema change algorithm to support changing metadata objects. When a transaction is executed, it obtains the corresponding metadata snapshot at the transaction start. If the metadata is changed during a transaction, to ensure data consistency, TiDB returns an Information schema is changed error and the transaction fails to commit. To solve the problem, TiDB v6.3.0 introduces metadata lock into the online DDL algorithm. To avoid DML errors whenever possible, TiDB coordinates the priority of DMLs and DDLs during table metadata change, and makes executing DDLs wait for the DMLs with old metadata to commit.

  • Improve the performance of adding indexes and reduce its impact on DML transactions (experimental) #35983 @benjamin2037

    To improve the speed of backfilling when creating an index, TiDB v6.3.0 accelerates the ADD INDEX and CREATE INDEX DDL operations when the tidb_ddl_enable_fast_reorg system variable is enabled. When the feature is enabled, the performance of adding indexes is about tripled.


  • TiKV supports the SM4 algorithm for encryption at rest #13041 @jiayang-zheng

    Add the SM4 algorithm for TiKV encryption at rest. When you configure encryption at rest, you can enable the SM4 encryption capacity by setting the value of the data-encryption-method configuration to sm4-ctr.

  • TiDB supports authentication with the SM3 algorithm #36192 @CbcWestwolf

    TiDB adds an authentication plugin tidb_sm3_password based on the SM3 algorithm. When this plugin is enabled, the user password is encrypted and validated using the SM3 algorithm.

  • TiDB JDBC supports authentication with the SM3 algorithm #25 @lastincisor

    Authenticating the user password needs client-side support. Now because JDBC supports the SM3 algorithm, you can connect to TiDB using SM3 authentication via TiDB-JDBC.


  • TiDB provides fine-grained metrics of SQL query execution time #34106 @cfzjywxk

    TiDB v6.3.0 provides fine-grained data metrics for detailed observation of execution time. Through the complete and segmented metrics, you can clearly understand the main time consumption of SQL queries, and then quickly find key problems and save time in troubleshooting.

  • Enhanced output for slow logs and TRACE statements #34106 @cfzjywxk

    TiDB v6.3.0 enhances the output of slow logs and TRACE. You can observe the full-link duration of SQL queries from TiDB parsing to KV RocksDB writing to disk, which further enhances the diagnostic capabilities.

  • TiDB Dashboard provides deadlock history information #34106 @cfzjywxk

    From v6.3.0, TiDB Dashboard provides deadlock history. If you check the slow log in TiDB Dashboard and find the lock waiting time of some SQL statements to be excessively long, you can check the deadlock history to locate the root cause, which makes your diagnosis easier.


  • TiFlash changes the way of using FastScan (experimental) #5252 @hongyunyan

    In v6.2.0, TiFlash introduces the FastScan feature, which brings expected performance improvements but lacks flexibility in use. Therefore, in v6.3.0, TiFlash changes the way of using FastScan: the ALTER TABLE ... SET TIFLASH MODE ... syntax to enable or disable FastScan is deprecated. Instead, you can use the system variable tiflash_fastscan to easily control whether to enable FastScan.

    When you upgrade from v6.2.0 to v6.3.0, all FastScan settings in v6.2.0 will become invalid, but will not affect the normal reading of data. You need to set the variable tiflash_fastscan. When you upgrade from v6.2.0 or an earlier version to v6.3.0, the FastScan feature is not enabled by default for all sessions to keep data consistency.

  • TiFlash optimizes data scanning performance in scenarios of multiple concurrency tasks #5376 @JinheLin

    TiFlash reduces duplicate reads of the same data by combining read operations of the same data. It optimizes the resource overhead and improves the performance of data scanning in the case of concurrent tasks. For multiple concurrent tasks, it avoids the situation where each task needs to read the same data separately, and avoids the possibility of multiple reads of the same data at the same time.

    This feature is experimental in v6.2.0, and becomes GA in v6.3.0.

  • TiFlash improves performance of data replication #5237 @breezewish

    TiFlash uses the Raft protocol for data replication from TiKV. Prior to v6.3.0, it often took a long time to replicate large amounts of replica data. TiDB v6.3.0 optimizes the TiFlash data replication mechanism and significantly improves the replication speed. When you use BR to recover data, use TiDB Lightning to import data, or add new TiFlash replicas, the TiFlash replicas can be replicated more quickly. You can query with TiFlash in a more timely manner. In addition, TiFlash replicas will also reach a secure and balanced state faster when you scale up, scale down, or modify the number of TiFlash replicas.

  • TiFlash supports three-stage aggregation of individual COUNT(DISTINCT) #37202 @fixdb

    TiFlash supports rewriting queries containing only one COUNT(DISTINCT) into a three-stage aggregation. This improves concurrency and performance.

  • TiKV supports log recycling #214 @LykxSassinator

    TiKV supports recycling log files in Raft Engine. This reduces the long tail latency in network disks during Raft log appending and improves performance under write workloads.

  • TiDB supports null-aware anti join #37525 @Arenatlx

    TiDB v6.3.0 introduces a new join type Null-aware anti join (NAAJ). NAAJ can be aware of whether the collection is empty or NULL when processing collection operations. This optimizes the execution efficiency of operations such as IN and = ANY and improves SQL performance.

  • Add optimizer hints to control the build end of Hash Join #35439 @Reminiscent

    In v6.3.0, the TiDB optimizer introduces 2 hints, HASH_JOIN_BUILD() and HASH_JOIN_PROBE(), to specify the Hash Join, its probe end, and its build end. When the optimizer fails to select the optimal execution plan, you can use these hints to intervene with the plan.

  • Support session-level common table expressions (CTE) inline #36514 @elsa0520

    TiDB v6.2.0 introduced the MERGE hint in optimizers to allow CTE inline, so that the consumers of a CTE query result can execute it in parallel in TiFlash. In v6.3.0, a session variable tidb_opt_force_inline_cte is introduced to allow CTE inline in sessions. This can greatly improve the ease of use.


  • Support deferring checks of unique constraints in pessimistic transactions #36579 @ekexium

    You can use the tidb_constraint_check_in_place_pessimistic system variable to control when TiDB checks unique constraints in pessimistic transactions. This variable is disabled by default. When the variable is enabled (set to ON), TiDB will defer locking operations and unique constraint checks in pessimistic transactions until necessary, thus improving the performance of bulk DML operations.

  • Optimize the way of fetching TSO in the Read-Committed isolation level #36812 @TonsnakeLin

    In the Read-Committed isolation level, the system variable tidb_rc_write_check_ts is introduced to control how TSO is fetched. In the case of Plan Cache hit, TiDB improves the execution efficiency of batch DML statements by reducing the frequency of fetching TSO, and reduces the execution time of running tasks in batch.


  • Reduce the impact of resource-consuming queries on the response time of lightweight queries #13313 @glorv

    When resource-consuming queries and lightweight queries are executed at the same time, the response time of lightweight queries is affected. In this case, to ensure the quality of transactional services, lightweight queries are expected to be processed by TiDB first. In v6.3.0, TiKV optimizes the scheduling mechanism of read requests, so that the execution time of resource-consuming queries in each round can meet expectations. This drastically reduces the impact of resource-consuming queries on the response time of lightweight queries and reduces P99 latency by more than 50% for mixed workload scenarios.

  • Modify the default policy of loading statistics when statistics become outdated #27601 @xuyifangreeneyes

    In v5.3.0, TiDB introduced the system variable tidb_enable_pseudo_for_outdated_stats to control how the optimizer behaves when the statistics become outdated. The default value is ON, which means keeping the behavior of the old version: When the statistics on objects that are involved in a SQL statement are outdated, the optimizer considers that statistics (other than the total number of rows on the table) are no longer reliable and uses pseudo statistics instead. After tests and analyses of actual user scenarios, the default value of tidb_enable_pseudo_for_outdated_stats is changed to OFF since v6.3.0. Even if the statistics become outdated, the optimizer will still use the statistics on the table, which makes the execution plan more stable.

  • Disabling Titan becomes GA @tabokie

    You can disable Titan for online TiKV nodes.

  • Use static partition pruning when GlobalStats are not ready #37535 @Yisaer

    When dynamic pruning is enabled, the optimizer selects execution plans based on GlobalStats. Before GlobalStats are fully collected, using pseudo statistics might cause performance regression. In v6.3.0, this issue is addressed by maintaining the static mode if you enable dynamic pruning before GlobalStats are collected. TiDB remains in the static mode until GlobalStats are collected. This ensures performance stability when you change the partition pruning settings.

Ease of use

MySQL compatibility

  • Improve MySQL 8.0 compatibility by adding support for four regular expression functions: REGEXP_INSTR(), REGEXP_LIKE(), REGEXP_REPLACE(), and REGEXP_SUBSTR() #23881 @windtalker

    For more details about the compatibility with MySQL, see Regular expression compatibility with MySQL.

  • The CREATE USER and ALTER USER statements support the ACCOUNT LOCK/UNLOCK option #37051 @CbcWestwolf

    When you create a user using the CREATE USER statement, you can specify whether the created user is locked using the ACCOUNT LOCK/UNLOCK option. A locked user cannot log in to the database.

    You can modify the lock state of an existing user using the ACCOUNT LOCK/UNLOCK option in the ALTER USER statement.

  • JSON data type and JSON functions become GA #36993 @xiongjiwei

    JSON is a popular data format adopted by a large number of programs. TiDB has introduced the JSON support as an experimental feature since an earlier version, compatible with MySQL's JSON data type and some JSON functions.

    In TiDB v6.3.0, the JSON data type and functions become GA, which enriches TiDB’s data types, supports using JSON functions in expression indexes and generated-columns, and further improves TiDB’s compatibility with MySQL.

Backup and restore

  • PITR supports GCS and Azure Blob Storage as backup storages @joccau

    If your TiDB cluster is deployed on GCP or Azure, you can use the PITR feature after upgrading your cluster to v6.3.0.

  • BR supports AWS S3 Object Lock #13442 @3pointer

    You can protect backup data on AWS from being tampered with or deleted by enabling S3 Object Lock.

Data migration

TiDB data share subscription

  • TiCDC supports a deployment topology that can replicate data from multiple geo-distributed data sources #5301 @sdojjy

    To support replicating data from a single TiDB cluster to multiple geo-distributed data systems, starting from v6.3.0, you can deploy TiCDC in multiple IDCs to replicate data for each IDC. This feature helps deliver the capability of geo-distributed data replication and deployment topology.

  • TiCDC supports keeping the snapshots consistent between the upstream and the downstream (sync point) #6977 @asddongmen

    In the scenarios of data replication for disaster recovery, TiCDC supports periodically maintaining a downstream data snapshot so that the downstream snapshot is consistent with the upstream snapshot. With this feature, TiCDC can better support the scenarios where reads and writes are separate, and help you lower the cost.

  • TiCDC supports graceful upgrade #4757 @overvenus @3AceShowHand

    When TiCDC is deployed using TiUP (>=v1.11.0) or TiDB Operator (>=v1.3.8), you can gracefully upgrade the TiCDC cluster. During the upgrade, data replication latency is kept as low as 30 seconds. This improves stability, empowering TiCDC to better support latency-sensitive applications.

Compatibility changes

System variables

Variable nameChange typeDescription
default_authentication_pluginModifiedAdds a new option tidb_sm3_password. When this variable is set to tidb_sm3_password, SM3 is used as the encryption algorithm.
sql_require_primary_keyNewly addedControls whether to enforce the requirement that a table has a primary key. After this variable is enabled, attempting to create or alter a table without a primary key will produce an error.
tidb_adaptive_closest_read_thresholdNewly addedControls the threshold at which the TiDB server prefers to send read requests to the replica in the same region as the TiDB server when tidb_replica_read is set to closest-adaptive.
tidb_constraint_check_in_place_pessimisticNewly addedControls when TiDB checks unique constraints in pessimistic transactions.
tidb_ddl_disk_quotaNewly addedTakes effect only when tidb_ddl_enable_fast_reorg is enabled. It sets the usage limit of local storage during backfilling when creating an index.
tidb_ddl_enable_fast_reorgNewly addedControls whether to enable the acceleration of ADD INDEX and CREATE INDEX DDL operations to improve the speed of backfilling when creating an index.
tidb_ddl_flashback_concurrencyNewly addedControls the concurrency of flashback cluster. The feature controlled by this variable is not fully functional in TiDB v6.3.0. Do not change the default value.
tidb_enable_exchange_partitionDeprecatedControls whether to enable the exchange partitions with tables feature. The default value is ON, that is, exchange partitions with tables is enabled by default.
tidb_enable_foreign_keyNewly addedControls whether to enable the FOREIGN KEY feature. The feature controlled by this variable is not fully functional in TiDB v6.3.0. Do not change the default value.
tidb_enable_general_plan_cacheNewly addedControls whether to enable the General Plan Cache feature. The feature controlled by this variable is not fully functional in TiDB v6.3.0. Do not change the default value.
tidb_enable_metadata_lockNewly addedSpecifies whether to enable the Metadata lock feature.
tidb_enable_null_aware_anti_joinNewly addedControls whether TiDB applies Null-Aware Hash Join when Anti Join is generated by subqueries led by special set operators NOT IN and != ALL.
tidb_enable_pseudo_for_outdated_statsModifiedControls the behavior of the optimizer on using statistics of a table when the statistics are outdated. The default value changes from ON to OFF, which means the optimizer still keeps using the statistics of the table even if the statistics of this table are outdated.
tidb_enable_rate_limit_actionModifiedControls whether to enable the dynamic memory control feature for the operator that reads data. When this variable is set to ON, the memory usage might not be under the control of tidb_mem_quota_query. Therefore, the default value is changed from ON to OFF.
tidb_enable_tiflash_read_for_write_stmtNewly addedControls whether read requests in SQL write statements are pushed down to TiFlash. The feature controlled by this variable is not fully functional in TiDB v6.3.0. Do not change the default value.
tidb_enable_unsafe_substituteNewly addedControls whether to replace expressions with generated columns in an unsafe way.
tidb_general_plan_cache_sizeNewly addedControls the maximum number of execution plans that can be cached by General Plan Cache. The feature controlled by this variable is not fully functional in TiDB v6.3.0. Do not change the default value.
tidb_last_plan_replayer_tokenNewly addedRead-only and used to obtain the result of the last PLAN REPLAYER DUMP execution in the current session.
tidb_max_paging_sizeNewly addedThis variable is used to set the minimum number of rows during the coprocessor paging request process.
tidb_opt_force_inline_cteNewly addedControls whether common table expressions (CTEs) in the entire session are inlined or not. The default value is OFF, which means that inlining CTE is not enforced by default.
tidb_opt_three_stage_distinct_aggNewly addedSpecifies whether to rewrite a COUNT(DISTINCT) aggregation into a three-stage aggregation in MPP mode. The default value is ON.
tidb_partition_prune_modeModifiedSpecifies whether to enable dynamic pruning. Since v6.3.0, the default value changes to dynamic.
tidb_rc_read_check_tsModifiedUsed for optimizing the timestamp acquisition, which is suitable for scenarios with read-committed isolation level where read-write conflicts are rare. This feature is oriented to specific service workloads and might cause performance regression in other scenarios. For this reason, since v6.3.0, the scope of this variable changes from GLOBAL \| SESSION to INSTANCE. That means you can enable this feature for specific TiDB instances.
tidb_rc_write_check_tsNewly addedUsed for optimizing the acquisition of timestamps and is suitable for scenarios with few point-write conflicts in RC isolation level of pessimistic transactions. Enabling this variable can avoid the latency and overhead brought by obtaining the global timestamps during the execution of point-write statements
tiflash_fastscanNewly addedControls whether to enable FastScan. If FastScan is enabled (set to ON), TiFlash provides more efficient query performance, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the query results or data consistency.

Configuration file parameters

Configuration fileConfigurationChange typeDescription
TiDBtemp-dirNewly addedSpecifies the file system location used by TiDB to store temporary data. If a feature requires local storage in TiDB nodes, TiDB stores the corresponding temporary data in this location. The default value is /tmp/tidb.
TiKVauto-adjust-pool-sizeNewly addedControls whether to automatically adjust the thread pool size. When it is enabled, the read performance of TiKV is optimized by automatically adjusting the UnifyReadPool thread pool size based on the current CPU usage.
TiKVdata-encryption-methodModifiedIntroduces a new value option sm4-ctr. When this configuration item is set to sm4-ctr, data is encrypted using SM4 before being stored.
TiKVenable-log-recycleNewly addedDetermines whether to recycle stale log files in Raft Engine. When it is enabled, logically purged log files will be reserved for recycling. This reduces the long tail latency on write workloads. This configuration item is only available when format-version is >= 2.
TiKVformat-versionNewly addedSpecifies the version of log files in Raft Engine. The default log file version is 1 for TiKV earlier than v6.3.0. The log files can be read by TiKV >= v6.1.0. The default log file version is 2 for TiKV v6.3.0 and later. TiKV v6.3.0 and later can read the log files.
TiKVlog-backup.enableModifiedSince v6.3.0, the default value changes from false to true.
TiKVlog-backup.max-flush-intervalModifiedSince v6.3.0, the default value changes from 5min to 3min.
PDenable-diagnosticNewly addedControls whether to enable the diagnostic feature. The default value is false.
TiFlashdt_enable_read_threadDeprecatedSince v6.3.0, this configuration item is deprecated. The thread pool is used to handle read requests from the storage engine by default and cannot be disabled.
DMsafe-mode-durationNewly addedSpecifies the duration of the automatic safe mode.
TiCDCenable-sync-pointNewly addedSpecifies whether to enable the Syncpoint feature.
TiCDCsync-point-intervalNewly addedSpecifies the interval at which Syncpoint aligns the upstream and downstream snapshots.
TiCDCsync-point-retentionNewly addedSpecifies how long the data is retained by Syncpoint in the downstream table. When this duration is exceeded, the data is cleaned up.
TiCDCsink-uri.memoryDeprecatedThe memory sorting is deprecated. It is not recommended to use it in any situation. You can use the unified sorting instead.


  • Log backup supports GCS and Azure Blob Storage as backup storage.
  • Log backup is now compatible with the exchange partition DDL.
  • The SQL statement ALTER TABLE ...SET TiFLASH MODE ... previously used for enabling fastscan is deprecated, and replaced by the system variable tiflash_fastscan. When you upgrade from v6.2.0 to v6.3.0, all FastScan settings in v6.2.0 will become invalid, but will not affect the normal reading of data. In this case, you need to configure the variable tiflash_fastscan to enable or disable FastScan. When you upgrade from an earlier version to v6.3.0, the FastScan feature is not enabled by default for all sessions to keep data consistent.
  • To deploy TiFlash under the Linux AMD64 architecture, the CPU must support the AVX2 instruction set. Ensure that cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep avx2 has output. To deploy TiFlash under the Linux ARM64 architecture, the CPU must support the ARMv8 instruction set architecture. Ensure that cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'crc32' | grep 'asimd' has output. By using the instruction set extensions, TiFlash's vectorization engine can deliver better performance.
  • The minimum version of HAProxy that works with TiDB is now v1.5. HAProxy versions between v1.5 and v2.1 now require the post-41 configuration option to be set in mysql-check. It is recommended to use HAProxy v2.2 or newer.

Removed feature

Since v6.3.0, TiCDC no longer supports configuring Pulsar sink. kop provided by StreamNative can be used as an alternative.


  • TiDB

    • TiDB is now case-insensitive to the target table name when checking the table existence #34610 @tiancaiamao
    • Improve MySQL compatibility by adding a parsing check when setting the value of init_connect #35324 @CbcWestwolf
    • Improve the log warning generated for new connections #34964 @xiongjiwei
    • Optimize the HTTP API for querying DDL history jobs, and add support for the start_job_id parameter #35838 @tiancaiamao
    • Report errors when the JSON path has wrong syntax #22525 #34959 @xiongjiwei
    • Improve the performance of Join operations by fixing a false sharing issue #37641 @gengliqi
    • Support exporting the execution plan information of multiple SQL statements at a time using PLAN REPLAYER, which makes troubleshooting more efficient #37798 @Yisaer
  • TiKV

    • Support configuring the unreachable_backoff item to avoid Raftstore broadcasting too many messages after one peer becomes unreachable #13054 @5kbpers
    • Improve the fault tolerance of TSO service #12794 @pingyu
    • Support dynamically modifying the number of sub-compaction operations performed concurrently in RocksDB (rocksdb.max-sub-compactions) #13145 @ethercflow
    • Optimize the performance of merging empty Regions #12421 @tabokie
    • Support more regular expression functions #13483 @gengliqi
    • Support automatically adjusting the thread pool size based on the CPU usage #13313 @glorv
  • PD

    • Improve the query of the TiKV IO MBps metric in TiDB Dashboard #5366 @YiniXu9506
    • Modify the URL in TiDB Dashboard from metrics to monitoring #5366 @YiniXu9506
  • TiFlash

    • Support pushing down the elt function to TiFlash #5104 @Willendless
    • Support pushing down the leftShift function to TiFlash #5099 @AnnieoftheStars
    • Support pushing down the castTimeAsDuration function to TiFlash #5306 @AntiTopQuark
    • Support pushing down the HexIntArg/HexStrArg function to TiFlash #5107 @YangKeao
    • Refactor TiFlash's interpreter, and support the new interpreter Planner #4739 @SeaRise
    • Improve the accuracy of memory tracker in TiFlash #5609 @bestwoody
    • Improve the performance of string columns with the UTF8_BIN/ASCII_BIN/LATIN1_BIN/UTF8MB4_BIN collations #5294 @solotzg
    • Calculate the I/O throughput in background in ReadLimiter #5401, #5091 @Lloyd-Pottiger
  • Tools

    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • PITR can merge small files generated in log backup, which greatly reduces the number of backup files #13232 @Leavrth
      • PITR supports automatically configuring the number of TiFlash replicas based on the upstream cluster configuration after the restoration #37208 @YuJuncen
    • TiCDC

      • Improve TiCDC's compatibility with the concurrent DDL framework introduced in the upstream TiDB #6506 @lance6716
      • Support logging start ts of DML statements when MySQL sink gets an error #6460 @overvenus
      • Enhance the api/v1/health API to return a more accurate health state of a TiCDC cluster #4757 @overvenus
      • Implement MQ sink and MySQL sink in the asynchronous mode to improve the sink throughput #5928 @hicqu @hi-rustin
      • Delete the deprecated pulsar sink #7087 @hi-rustin
      • Improve replication performance by discarding DDL statements that are irrelevant to a changefeed #6447 @asddongmen
    • TiDB Data Migration (DM)

      • Improve compatibility with MySQL 8.0 as data source #6448 @lance6716
      • Optimize DDL by executing DDL asynchronously when encounter "invalid connection" #4689 @lyzx2001
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Add query parameters for S3 external storage URL to support accessing the S3 data in another account by assuming a given role #36891 @dsdashun

Bug fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix the issue that the privilege check is skipped for PREPARE statements #35784 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that the system variable tidb_enable_noop_variable can be set to WARN #36647 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that when an expression index is defined, the ORDINAL_POSITION column of the INFORMAITON_SCHEMA.COLUMNS table might be incorrect #31200 @bb7133
    • Fix the issue that TiDB does not report an error when the timestamp is larger than MAXINT32 #31585 @bb7133
    • Fix the issue that TiDB server cannot be started when the enterprise plugin is used #37319 @xhebox
    • Fix the incorrect output of SHOW CREATE PLACEMENT POLICY #37526 @xhebox
    • Fix the unexpected EXCHANGE PARTITION behaviors with temporary tables #37201 @lcwangchao
    • Fix the issue that querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TIKV_REGION_STATUS returns an incorrect result @zimulala
    • Fix the issue that the EXPLAIN query on views does not check privileges #34326 @hawkingrei
    • Fix the issue that JSON null cannot be updated to NULL #37852 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that row_count of DDL jobs is inaccurate #25968 @Defined2014
    • Fix the issue that FLASHBACK TABLE does not work properly #37386 @tiancaiamao
    • Fix the issue of failing to handle prepared statement flags in the typical MySQL protocol #36731 @dveeden
    • Fix the issue of incorrect TiDB status that might appear on startup in some extreme cases #36791 @xhebox
    • Fix the issue that INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VARIABLES_INFO does not comply with security enhanced mode (SEM) #37586 @CbcWestwolf
    • Fix the issue that casting string to string goes wrong in queries with UNION #31678 @cbcwestwolf
    • Fix the wrong result that occurs when enabling dynamic mode in partitioned tables for TiFlash #37254 @wshwsh12
    • Fix the issue that the cast and comparison between binary strings and JSON in TiDB are incompatible with MySQL #31918 #25053 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that JSON_OBJECTAGG and JSON_ARRAYAGG in TiDB are not compatible with MySQL on binary values #25053 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that the comparison between JSON opaque values causes panic #37315 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that the single precision float cannot be used in JSON aggregation funtions #37287 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that the UNION operator might return unexpected empty result #36903 @tiancaiamao
    • Fix the issue that the result of the castRealAsTime expression is inconsistent with MySQL #37462 @mengxin9014
    • Fix the issue that pessimistic DML operations lock non-unique index keys #36235 @ekexium
    • Fix the issue that auto-commit change affects transaction commit behaviours #36581 @cfzjywxk
    • Fix the issue that the EXPLAIN ANALYZE statement with DML executors might return result before the transaction commit finishes #37373 @cfzjywxk
    • Fix the issue that the UPDATE statements incorrectly eliminate the projection in some cases, which causes the Can't find column error #37568 @AilinKid
    • Fix the issue that the Join Reorder operation will mistakenly push down its Outer Join condition #37238 @AilinKid
    • Fix the issue that the IN and NOT IN subqueries in some patterns report the Can't find column error #37032 @AilinKid
    • Fix the issue that Can't find column is reported if an UPDATE statement contains common table expressions (CTE) #35758 @AilinKid
    • Fix incorrect PromQL #35856 @Defined2014
  • TiKV

    • Fix the issue that PD does not reconnect to TiKV after the Region heartbeat is interrupted #12934 @bufferflies
    • Fix the issue that Regions might be overlapped if Raftstore is busy #13160 @5kbpers
    • Fix the issue that the PD client might cause deadlocks #13191 @bufferflies #12933 @BurtonQin
    • Fix the issue that TiKV might panic when encryption is disabled #13081 @jiayang-zheng
    • Fix the wrong expression of Unified Read Pool CPU in Dashboard #13086 @glorv
    • Fix the issue that the TiKV service is unavailable for several minutes when a TiKV instance is in an isolated network environment #12966 @cosven
    • Fix the issue that TiKV mistakenly reports a PessimisticLockNotFound error #13425 @sticnarf
    • Fix the issue that PITR might cause data loss in some situations #13281 @YuJuncen
    • Fix the issue that causes checkpoint not advanced when there are some long pessimistic transactions #13304 @YuJuncen
    • Fix the issue that TiKV does not distinguish the datetime type (DATETIME, DATE, TIMESTAMP and TIME) and STRING type in JSON #13417 @YangKeao
    • Fix incompatibility with MySQL of comparison between JSON bool and other JSON value #13386 #37481 @YangKeao
  • PD

    • Fix PD panics caused by the issue that gRPC handles errors inappropriately when enable-forwarding is enabled #5373 @bufferflies
    • Fix the issue that unhealthy Region might cause PD panic #5491 @nolouch
    • Fix the issue that the TiFlash learner replica might not be created #5401 @HunDunDM
  • TiFlash

    • Fix the issue that a window function might cause TiFlash to crash when the query is canceled #5814 @SeaRise
    • Fix the issue that wrong data input for CAST(value AS DATETIME) causing high TiFlash sys CPU #5097 @xzhangxian1008
    • Fix the issue that the result of CAST(Real/Decimal AS time) is inconsistent with MySQL #3779 @mengxin9014
    • Fix the issue that some obsolete data in storage cannot be deleted #5570 @JaySon-Huang
    • Fix the issue that page GC might block creating tables #5697 @JaySon-Huang
    • Fix the panic that occurs after creating the primary index with a column containing the NULL value #5859 @JaySon-Huang
  • Tools

    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix the issue that might cause the information of the checkpoint being stale #36423 @YuJuncen
      • Fix the issue that the regions are not balanced because the concurrency is set too large during the restoration #37549 @3pointer
      • Fix the issue that might cause log backup checkpoint TS stuck when TiCDC exists in the cluster #37822 @YuJuncen
      • Fix the issue that might lead to backup and restoration failure if special characters exist in the authorization key of external storage #37469 @MoCuishle28
    • TiCDC

      • Fix the issue that TiCDC returns an inaccurate error for a wrong PD address with a grpc service #6458 @crelax
      • Fix the issue that the cdc cause cli changefeed list command does not return failed changefeeds #6334 @asddongmen
      • Fix the issue that TiCDC is unavailable when changefeed initialization fails #6859 @asddongmen
    • TiDB Binlog

      • Fix the issue that Drainer cannot send requests correctly to Pump when compressor is set to gzip #1152 @lichunzhu
    • TiDB Data Migration (DM)

      • Fix the issue that DM reports the Specified key was too long error #5315 @lance6716
      • Fix goroutine leak when relay meets an error #6193 @lance6716
      • Fix the issue that when collation_compatible is set to "strict", DM might generate SQL with duplicated collations #6832 @lance6716
      • Reduce the appearance of the warning message "found error when get timezone from binlog status_vars" in DM-worker log #6628 @lyzx2001
      • Fix the issue that latin1 data might be corrupted during replication #7028 @lance6716
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning does not support columns starting with slash, number, or non-ascii characters in Parquet files #36980 @D3Hunter


We would like to thank the following contributors from the TiDB community:

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