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TiDB 6.1.3 Release Notes

Release date: December 5, 2022

TiDB version: 6.1.3

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Compatibility changes

  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Change the default value of transaction-atomicity from table to none, which helps reduce replication latency and reduce OOM risks, and ensures that only a few transactions (the size of a single transaction exceeds 1024 rows) are split, instead of all transactions #7505 #5231 @asddongmen


  • PD

    • Optimize the granularity of locks to reduce lock contention and improve the capability of processing heartbeat in high concurrency #5586 @rleungx
  • Tools

  • Others

    • Upgrade the Go compiler version of TiDB from go1.18 to go1.19, which improves the TiDB stability. Specifically, a Go environment variable GOMEMLIMIT is introduced to keep the memory usage of TiDB below a certain threshold. This helps mitigate most OOM issues. For more information, see Mitigate OOM issues by configuring the GOMEMLIMIT.

Bug fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix the issue that the grantor field is missing in the mysql.tables_priv table #38293 @CbcWestwolf
    • Fix the issue of the wrong query result that occurs when the mistakenly pushed-down conditions are discarded by Join Reorder #38736 @winoros
    • Fix the issue that the lock acquired by get_lock() cannot hold for more than 10 minutes #38706 @tangenta
    • Fix the issue that the auto-increment column cannot be used with check constraint #38894 @YangKeao
    • Fix the issue that the gPRC log is output to a wrong file #38941 @xhebox
    • Fix the issue that the TiFlash sync status of a table is not deleted from etcd when the table is truncated or dropped #37168 @CalvinNeo
    • Fix the issue that data files can be accessed unrestrainedly via data source name injection (CVE-2022-3023) #38541 @lance6716
    • Fix the issue that the function str_to_date returns wrong result in the NO_ZERO_DATE SQL mode #39146 @mengxin9014
    • Fix the issue that statistics collection tasks in the background might panic #35421 @lilinghai
    • Fix the issue that in some scenarios the pessimistic lock is incorrectly added to the non-unique secondary index #36235 @ekexium
  • PD

    • Fix inaccurate Stream timeout and accelerate leader switchover #5207 @CabinfeverB
  • TiKV

    • Fix abnormal Region competition caused by expired lease during snapshot acquisition #13553 @SpadeA-Tang
  • TiFlash

    • Fix the issue that logical operators return wrong results when the argument type is UInt8 #6127 @xzhangxian1008
    • Fix the issue that wrong data input for CAST(value AS DATETIME) causing high TiFlash sys CPU #5097 @xzhangxian1008
    • Fix the issue that heavy write pressure might generate too many column files in the delta layer #6361 @lidezhu
    • Fix the issue that column files in the delta layer cannot be compacted after restarting TiFlash #6159 @lidezhu
  • Tools

    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix the issue that restore tasks fail when using old framework for collations in databases or tables #39150 @MoCuishle28
    • TiCDC

      • Fix data loss occurred in the scenario of executing DDL statements first and then pausing and resuming the changefeed #7682 @asddongmen
      • Fix the issue that the sink component gets stuck if the downstream network is unavailable #7706 @hicqu
    • TiDB Data Migration (DM)

      • Fix the issue that when collation_compatible is set to "strict", DM might generate SQL with duplicated collations #6832 @lance6716
      • Fix the issue that DM tasks might stop with an Unknown placement policy error #7493 @lance6716
      • Fix the issue that relay logs might be pulled from upstream again in some cases #7525 @liumengya94
      • Fix the issue that data is replicated for multiple times when a new DM worker is scheduled before the existing worker exits #7658 @GMHDBJD
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