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TiDB 5.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: July 2, 2021

TiDB version: 5.0.3

Compatibility Changes

  • TiDB

    • After a v4.0 cluster is upgraded to v5.0 or a later version (dev or v5.1), the default value of the tidb_multi_statement_mode variable changes from WARN to OFF
    • TiDB is now compatible with MySQL 5.7's noop variable innodb_default_row_format. Setting this variable will have no effect. #23541

Feature Enhancements

  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Add an HTTP API to get the changefeed information and the health information of the node #1955
      • Add the SASL/SCRAM support for the kafka sink #1942
      • Make TiCDC support --data-dir at the server level #2070


  • TiDB

    • Support pushing down the TopN operator to TiFlash #25162
    • Support pushing down the built-in function json_unquote() to TiKV #24415
    • Support removing the union branch from the dual table #25614
    • Support pushing down the built-in function replace() to TiFlash #25565
    • Support pushing down the built-in functions unix_timestamp(), concat(), year(), day(), datediff(), datesub(), and concat_ws() to TiFlash #25564
    • Optimize the aggregate operator's cost factor #25241
    • Support pushing down the Limit operator to TiFlash #25159
    • Support pushing down the built-in function str_to_date to TiFlash #25148
    • Allow the MPP outer join to choose the build table based on the table row count #25142
    • Support pushing down the built-in functions left(), right(), and abs() to TiFlash #25133
    • Support pushing down the Broadcast Cartesian join to TiFlash #25106
    • Support pushing down the Union All operator to TiFlash #25051
    • Support balancing the MPP query workload among different TiFlash nodes based on Regions #24724
    • Support invalidating stale Regions in the cache after the MPP query is executed #24432
    • Improve the MySQL compatibility of the built-in function str_to_date for the format specifiers %b/%M/%r/%T #25767
  • TiKV

    • Limit the TiCDC sink's memory consumption #10305
    • Add the memory-bounded upper limit for the TiCDC old value cache #10313
  • PD

    • Update TiDB Dashboard to v2021.06.15.1 #3798
  • TiFlash

    • Support casting the STRING type to the DOUBLE type
    • Support the STR_TO_DATE() function
    • Optimize the non-joined data in right outer join using multiple threads
    • Support the Cartesian join
    • Support the LEFT() and RIGHT() functions
    • Support automatically invalidating stale Regions in MPP queries
    • Support the ABS() function
  • Tools

Bug Fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix the issue that an incorrect result is returned when using merge join on the SET type column #25669
    • Fix the data corruption issue in the IN expression's arguments #25591
    • Avoid the sessions of GC being affected by global variables #24976
    • Fix the panic issue that occurs when using limit in the window function queries #25344
    • Fix the wrong value returned when querying a partitioned table using Limit #24636
    • Fix the issue that IFNULL does not correctly take effect on the ENUM or SET type column #24944
    • Fix the wrong results caused by changing the count in the join subqueries to first_row #24865
    • Fix the query hang issue that occurs when ParallelApply is used under the TopN operator #24930
    • Fix the issue that more results than expected are returned when executing SQL statements using multi-column prefix indexes #24356
    • Fix the issue that the <=> operator cannot correctly take effect #24477
    • Fix the data race issue of the parallel Apply operator #23280
    • Fix the issue that the index out of range error is reported when sorting the IndexMerge results of the PartitionUnion operator #23919
    • Fix the issue that setting the tidb_snapshot variable to an unexpectedly large value might damage the transaction isolation #25680
    • Fix the issue that the ODBC-styled constant (for example, {d '2020-01-01'}) cannot be used as the expression #25531
    • Fix the issue that SELECT DISTINCT converted to Batch Get causes incorrect results #25320
    • Fix the issue that backing off queries from TiFlash to TiKV cannot be triggered #23665 #24421
    • Fix the index-out-of-range error that occurs when checking only_full_group_by #23839)
    • Fix the issue that the result of index join in correlated subqueries is wrong #25799
  • TiKV

    • Fix the wrong tikv_raftstore_hibernated_peer_state metric #10330
    • Fix the wrong arguments type of the json_unquote() function in the coprocessor #10176
    • Skip clearing callback during graceful shutdown to avoid breaking ACID in some cases #10353 #10307
    • Fix a bug that the read index is shared for replica reads on a Leader #10347
    • Fix the wrong function that casts DOUBLE to DOUBLE #25200
  • PD

    • Fix the data race issue that occurs when loading TTL configurations after the scheduler is started #3771
    • Fix a bug that the is_learner field of the TIKV_REGION_PEERS table in TiDB is incorrect #3372 #24293
    • Fix the issue that when all TiKV nodes in a zone are offline or down, PD does not schedule replicas to other zones #3705
    • Fix the issue that PD might get panic after the scatter Region scheduler is added #3762
  • TiFlash

    • Fix the issue that TiFlash keeps restarting because of the split failure
    • Fix the potential issue that TiFlash cannot delete the delta data
    • Fix a bug that TiFlash adds wrong padding for non-binary characters in the CAST function
    • Fix the issue of incorrect results when handling aggregation queries with complex GROUP BY columns
    • Fix the TiFlash panic issue that occurs under heavy write pressure
    • Fix the panic that occurs when the right jon key is not nullalbe and the left join key is nullable
    • Fix the potential issue that the read-index requests take a long time
    • Fix the panic issue that occurs when the read load is heavy
    • Fix the panic issue that might occur when the Date_Format function is called with the STRING type argument and NULL values
  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Fix the issue that TiCDC owner exits when refreshing the checkpoint #1902
      • Fix a bug that some MySQL connection might leak after MySQL sink meets the error and pauses #1946
      • Fix the panic issue that occurs when TiCDC fails to read /proc/meminfo #2024
      • Reduce TiCDC's runtime memory consumption #2012 #1958
      • Fix a bug that might cause TiCDC server panic due to the late calculation of resolved ts #1576
      • Fix the potential deadlock issue for the processor #2142
    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix a bug that all system tables are filtered during restore #1197 #1201
      • Fix the issue that Backup & Restore reports the error of "file already exists" when TDE is enabled during the restore #1179
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Fix the TiDB Lightning panic issue for some special data #1213
      • Fix the EOF error reported when TiDB Lightning splits the imported large CSV files #1133
      • Fix a bug that an excessively large base value is generated when TiDB Lightning imports tables with the auto_increment column of the FLOAT or DOUBLE type #1186
      • Fix the issue that TiDB fails to parse the DECIMAL type data in Parquet files #1277
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