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TiDB 3.1 Beta.1 Release Notes

Release date: January 10, 2020

TiDB version: 3.1.0-beta.1

TiDB Ansible version: 3.1.0-beta.1


  • backup

    • Change the name of the backup file from start_key to the hash value of start_key to reduce the file name's length for easy reading #6198
    • Disable RocksDB's force_consistency_checks check to avoid false positives in the consistency check #6249
    • Add the incremental backup feature #6286
  • sst_importer

    • Fix the issue that the SST file does not have MVCC properties during restoring #6378
    • Add the monitoring items such as tikv_import_download_duration, tikv_import_download_bytes, tikv_import_ingest_duration, tikv_import_ingest_bytes, and tikv_import_error_counter to observe the overheads of downloading and ingesting SST files #6404
  • raftstore

    • Fix the issue of Follower Read that the follower reads stale data when the leader changes, thus breaking transaction isolation #6343


  • BR (Backup and Restore)
    • Fix the inaccurate backup progress information #127
    • Improve the performance of splitting Regions #122
    • Add the backup and restore feature for partitioned tables #137
    • Add the feature of automatically scheduling PD schedulers #123
    • Fix the issue that data is overwritten after non PKIsHandle tables are restored #139

TiDB Ansible

  • Add the feature of automatically disabling Transparent Huge Pages (THP) in the operating system during the initialization phase #1086
  • Add the Grafana monitoring for BR components #1093
  • Optimize the deployment of TiDB Lightning by automatically creating related directories #1104
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