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TiDB 1.1 Alpha Release Notes

On January 19, 2018, TiDB 1.1 Alpha is released. This release has great improvement in MySQL compatibility, SQL optimization, stability, and performance.


  • SQL parser
    • Support more syntax
  • SQL query optimizer
    • Use more compact structure to reduce statistics info memory usage
    • Speed up loading statistics info when starting tidb-server
    • Provide more accurate query cost evaluation
    • Use Count-Min Sketch to estimate the cost of queries using unique index more accurately
    • Support more complex conditions to make full use of index
  • SQL executor
    • Refactor all executor operators using Chunk architecture, improve the execution performance of analytical statements and reduce memory usage
    • Optimize performance of the INSERT IGNORE statement
    • Push down more types and functions to TiKV
    • Support more SQL_MODE
    • Optimize the Load Data performance to increase the speed by 10 times
    • Optimize the Use Database performance
    • Support statistics on the memory usage of physical operators
  • Server
    • Support the PROXY protocol


  • Add more APIs
  • Support TLS
  • Add more cases for scheduling Simulator
  • Schedule to adapt to different Region sizes
  • Fix some bugs about scheduling


  • Support Raft learner
  • Optimize Raft Snapshot and reduce the I/O overhead
  • Support TLS
  • Optimize the RocksDB configuration to improve performance
  • Optimize count (*) and query performance of unique index in Coprocessor
  • Add more failpoints and stability test cases
  • Solve the reconnection issue between PD and TiKV
  • Enhance the features of the data recovery tool tikv-ctl
  • Support splitting according to table in Region
  • Support the Delete Range feature
  • Support setting the I/O limit caused by snapshot
  • Improve the flow control mechanism
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