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TiDB 1.0.2 Release Notes

On November 13, 2017, TiDB 1.0.2 is released with the following updates:


  • Optimize the cost estimation of index point query
  • Support the Alter Table Add Column (ColumnDef ColumnPosition) syntax
  • Optimize the queries whose where conditions are contradictory
  • Optimize the Add Index operation to rectify the progress and reduce repetitive operations
  • Optimize the Index Look Join operator to accelerate the query speed for small data size
  • Fix the issue with prefix index judgment

Placement Driver (PD)

  • Improve the stability of scheduling under exceptional situations


  • Support splitting table to ensure one region does not contain data from multiple tables
  • Limit the length of a key to be no more than 4 KB
  • More accurate read traffic statistics
  • Implement deep protection on the coprocessor stack
  • Fix the LIKE behavior and the do_div_mod bug
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