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TiUP Reference

TiUP serves as the package manager of the TiDB ecosystem. It manages components in the TiDB ecosystem, such as TiDB, PD, and TiKV.


tiup [flags] <command> [args...] # Executes a command # or tiup [flags] <component> [args...] # Runs a component

You can use the --help command to get the information of a specific command. The summary of each command shows its parameters and their usage. Mandatory parameters are shown in angle brackets, and optional parameters are shown in square brackets.

<command> represents the command name. For the list of supported commands, see the Command list below. <component> represents the component name. For the list of supported components, see the Component list below.



  • If you enable this option, the specified binary file path is printed.

    • Executing tiup --binary <component> will have the path of the latest stable installed <component> component printed. If <component> is not installed, an error is returned.
    • Executing tiup --binary <component>:<version> will have the path of the installed <component> component's <version> printed. If this <version> is not printed, an error is returned.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN

  • This option is disabled by default and its default value is false. To enable this option, you can add this option to the command, and pass the true value or do not pass any value.


  • Specifies the path of the component to be executed. When a component is executed, if you do not want to use the binary file in the TiUP mirror, you can add this option to specify using the binary file in a custom path.
  • Data type: STRING

-T, --tag

  • Specifies a tag for the component to be started. Some components need to use disk storage during the execution, and TiUP allocates a temporary storage directory for this execution. If you want TiUP to allocate a fixed directory, you can use -T/--tag to specify the name of the directory, so that the same batch of files can be read and written in multiple executions with the same tag.
  • Data type: STRING

-v, --version

Prints the TiUP version.


Prints the help information.

Command list

TiUP has multiple commands, and these commands have multiple sub-commands. For the specific commands and their detailed descriptions, click the corresponding links in the list below:

  • install: Installs a component.
  • list: Shows the component list.
  • uninstall: Uninstalls a component.
  • update: Updates the installed component.
  • status: Shows the running status of a component.
  • clean: Cleans the data directory of a component.
  • mirror: Manages the mirror.
  • telemetry: Enables or disables the telemetry.
  • completion: Completes the TiUP command.
  • env: Shows the TiUP-related environment variables.
  • help: Shows the help information of a command or component.

Component list

  • cluster: Manages the TiDB cluster in a production environment.
  • dm: Manages the TiDB Data Migration (DM) cluster in a production environment.
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