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tiup dm upgrade

The tiup dm upgrade command is used to upgrade a specified cluster to a specific version.


tiup dm upgrade <cluster-name> <version> [flags]
  • <cluster-name> is the name of the cluster to be operated on. If you forget the cluster name, you can check it using the tiup dm list command.
  • <version> is the target version to be upgraded to. Currently, only upgrading to a later version is allowed, and upgrading to an earlier version is not allowed, which means the downgrade is not allowed. Upgrading to a nightly version is not allowed either.



  • Declares that the current cluster is offline. When this option is specified, TiUP DM only replaces the binary files of the cluster components in place without restarting the service.

-h, --help

  • Prints the help information.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • This option is disabled by default with the false value. To enable this option, add this option to the command, and either pass the true value or do not pass any value.


Log of the service upgrade process.

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