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TiDB Experimental Features

This document introduces the experimental features of TiDB in different versions. It is NOT recommended to use these features in the production environment.



  • Improve the stability of the optimizer's choice of indexes: extend the statistics feature by collecting the multi-column order dependency information (Introduced in v5.0).
  • Background Quota Limiter (Introduced in v6.2.0): You can use the background quota-related configuration items to limit the CPU resources to be used by the background. When a request triggers Quota Limiter, the request is forced to wait for a while for TiKV to free up CPU resources.


Elastic scheduling feature. It enables the TiDB cluster to dynamically scale out and in on Kubernetes based on real-time workloads, which effectively reduces the stress during your application's peak hours and saves overheads. See Enable TidbCluster Auto-scaling for details. (Introduced in v4.0)


  • The expression index feature. The expression index is also called the function-based index. When you create an index, the index fields do not have to be a specific column but can be an expression calculated from one or more columns. This feature is useful for quickly accessing the calculation-based tables. See Expression index for details. (Introduced in v4.0)
  • Generated Columns (Introduced in v2.1)
  • User-Defined Variables (Introduced in v2.1)
  • JSON data type and JSON functions (Introduced in v2.1)
  • Cascades Planner: a cascades framework-based top-down query optimizer (Introduced in v3.0)
  • Table Lock (Introduced in v4.0.0)
  • ALTER TABLE ... COMPACT (Introduced in v6.1.0)


Backup and restoration

Data migration

Data share subscription

Garbage collection


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