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Back Up and Restore Data on Amazon S3 Using BR

The Backup & Restore (BR) tool supports using Amazon S3 or other Amazon S3-compatible file storages as the external storage for backing up and restoring data.

Application scenarios

By using Amazon S3, you can quickly back up the data of a TiDB cluster deployed on Amazon EC2 to Amazon S3, or quickly restore a TiDB cluster from the backup data in Amazon S3.

Configure privileges to access S3

Before performing backup or restoration using S3, you need to configure the privileges required to access S3.

Configure access to the S3 directory

Before backup, configure the following privileges to access the backup directory on S3.

  • Minimum privileges for TiKV and BR to access the backup directories of s3:ListBucket, s3:PutObject, and s3:AbortMultipartUpload during backup
  • Minimum privileges for TiKV and BR to access the backup directories of s3:ListBucket and s3:GetObject during restoration

If you have not yet created a backup directory, refer to AWS Official Document to create an S3 bucket in the specified region. If necessary, you can also create a folder in the bucket by referring to AWS official documentation - Create Folder.

Configure a user to access S3

It is recommended that you configure access to S3 using either of the following ways:

  • Associate an IAM role that can access S3 with the EC2 instances where the TiKV and BR nodes run. After the association, BR can access the backup directories of S3.

    br backup full --pd "${PDIP}:2379" --storage "s3://${Bucket}/${Folder}"
  • Configure access-key and secret-access-key for accessing S3 in the br CLI, and set --send-credentials-to-tikv=true to pass the access key from BR to each TiKV.

    br backup full --pd "${PDIP}:2379" --storage "s3://${Bucket}/${Folder}?access-key=${accessKey}&secret-access-key=${secretAccessKey}" --send-credentials-to-tikv=true

Because the access key in a command is vulnerable to leakage, you are recommended to associate an IAM role to EC2 instances to access S3.

Back up data to S3

br backup full \ --pd "${PDIP}:2379" \ --storage "s3://${Bucket}/${Folder}?access-key=${accessKey}&secret-access-key=${secretAccessKey}" \ --send-credentials-to-tikv=true \ --ratelimit 128 \ --log-file backuptable.log

In the preceding command:

  • --send-credentials-to-tikv: specifies that access key is passed to the TiKV nodes.

Restore data from S3

br restore full \ --pd "${PDIP}:2379" \ --storage "s3://${Bucket}/${Folder}?access-key=${accessKey}&secret-access-key=${secretAccessKey}" \ --ratelimit 128 \ --send-credentials-to-tikv=true \ --log-file restorefull.log

See also

To know more information about external storages supported by BR, see External storages.

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