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Back Up and Restore Data on Google Cloud Storage Using BR

The Backup & Restore (BR) tool supports using Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as the external storage for backing up and restoring data.

User scenario

You can quickly back up the data of a TiDB cluster deployed in Google Compute Engine (GCE) to GCS, or quickly restore a TiDB cluster from the backup data in GCS.

Back up data to GCS

br backup full --pd "${PDIP}:2379" --Storage 'gcs://bucket-name/prefix?credentials-file=${credentials-file-path}' --send-credentials-to-tikv=true

When backing up data to GCS, you need to place a credential file in the node where BR is running. The credential file contains the account credentials for accessing GCS. If --send-credentials-to-tikv is displayed, it means the account access credentials of GCS will be passed to the TiKV node.

To obtain the credential files, refer to CREATE AND DOWNLOAD THE GCS CREDENTIALS FILE.

Restore data from GCS

br restore full --pd "${PDIP}:2379" --Storage 'gcs://bucket-name/prefix?credentials-file=${credentials-file-path}' --send-credentials-to-tikv=true

See also

To learn other external storages supported by BR, see External storages.

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