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TiDB 4.0.10 Release Notes

Release date: January 15, 2021

TiDB version: 4.0.10

New Features

  • PD

    • Add the enable-redact-log configuration item to redact user data from logs #3266
  • TiFlash

    • Add the security.redact_info_log configuration item to redact user data from logs


  • TiDB

    • Make the size limit of a key-value entry in transaction configurable using txn-entry-size-limit #21843
  • PD

    • Optimize the store-state-filter metrics to show more information #3100
    • Upgrade the dependency to v1.3.5 #3331
  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Enable the old value feature for the maxwell protocol #1144
      • Enable the unified sorter feature by default #1230
    • Dumpling

      • Support checking unrecognized arguments and printing the current progress during dumping #228
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Support retrying the error that occurs when reading from S3 #533

Bug Fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix a concurrency bug that might cause the batch client timeout #22336
    • Fix the issue of duplicate bindings caused by concurrent baseline capture #22295
    • Make the baseline capture bound to the SQL statement work when the log level is 'debug' #22293
    • Correctly release GC locks when Region merge occurs #22267
    • Return correct values for user variables of the datetime type #22143
    • Fix the issue of using index merge when there are multiple table filters #22124
    • Fix the wrong precision issue in TiFlash caused by the prepare plan cache #21960
    • Fix the issue of incorrect results caused by schema change #21596
    • Avoid unnecessary column flag changes in ALTER TABLE #21474
    • Set the database name for table aliases of query blocks used in optimizer hints #21380
    • Generate the proper optimizer hint for IndexHashJoin and IndexMergeJoin #21020
  • TiKV

    • Fix the wrong mapping between ready and peer #9409
    • Fix the issue that some logs are not redacted when security.redact-info-log is set to true #9314
  • PD

    • Fix the issue that the ID allocation is not monotonic #3308 #3323
    • Fix the issue that the PD client might be blocked in some cases #3285
  • TiFlash

    • Fix the issue that TiFlash fails to start because TiFlash fails to process the TiDB schema of an old version
    • Fix the issue that TiFlash fails to start due to incorrect handling of cpu_time on the RedHat system
    • Fix the issue that TiFlash fails to start when path_realtime_mode is set to true
    • Fix an issue of incorrect results when calling the substr function with three parameters
    • Fix the issue that TiFlash does not support changing the Enum type even if the change is lossless
  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Fix the maxwell protocol issues, including the issue of base64 data output and the issue of outputting TSO to unix timestamp #1173
      • Fix a bug that outdated metadata might cause the newly created changefeed abnormal #1184
      • Fix the issue of creating the receiver on the closed notifier #1199
      • Fix a bug that the TiCDC owner might consume too much memory in the etcd watch client #1227
      • Fix the issue that max-batch-size does not take effect #1253
      • Fix the issue of cleaning up stale tasks before the capture information is constructed #1280
      • Fix the issue that the recycling of db conn is block because rollback is not called in MySQL sink #1285
    • Dumpling

      • Avoid TiDB out of memory (OOM) by setting the default behavior of tidb_mem_quota_query #233
    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix the issue that BR v4.0.9 cannot restore the files backed up using BR v4.0.8 on GCS #688
      • Fix the issue that BR panics when the GCS storage URL has no prefix #673
      • Disable backup statistics by default to avoid BR OOM #693
    • TiDB Binlog

      • Fix the issue that when the AMEND TRANSACTION feature is enabled, Drainer might choose the incorrect schema version to generate SQL statements #1033
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Fix a bug that the Region is not split because the Region key is incorrectly encoded #531
      • Fix the issue that the failure of CREATE TABLE might be lost when multiple tables are created #530
      • Fix the issue of column count mismatch when using the TiDB-backend #535
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