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tiup dm template

Before deploying the cluster, you need to prepare a topology file of the cluster. TiUP has a built-in topology file template, and you can modify this template to create the final topology file. To output the built-in template content, you can use the tiup dm template command.


tiup dm template [flags]

If this option is not specified, the output default template contains the following instances:

  • 3 DM-master instances
  • 3 DM-worker instances
  • 1 Prometheus instance
  • 1 Grafana instance
  • 1 Alertmanager instance



  • Outputs a detailed topology template that is commented with configurable parameters. To enable this option, add it to the command.
  • If this option is not specified, the simple topology template is output by default.

-h, --help

Prints the help information.


Outputs the topology template according to the specified options, which can be redirected to the topology file for deployment.

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