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tiup mirror grant

The tiup mirror grant command is used to introduce a component owner to the current mirror.

Component owners can use their keys to publish new components or to modify components they previously published. Before adding a new component owner, the component owner to be added needs to send his or her own public key to the mirror administrator.


tiup mirror grant <id> [flags]

<id> stands for the component owner's ID, which must be unique in the whole mirror. It is recommended to use an ID that matches the regular expression ^[a-z\d](?:[a-z\d]|-(?=[a-z\d])){0,38}$.


-k, --key

  • Specifies the key of the introduced component owner. This key can either be public or private. If it is a private key, TiUP converts it to the corresponding public key before storing it in the mirror.
  • A key can be used by only one component owner.
  • Data type: STRING
  • Default: "${TIUP_HOME}/keys/private.json"

-n, --name

  • Specifies the name of the component owner. The name is displayed on the Owner field of the component list. If -n/--name is not specified, <id> is used as the component owner's name.
  • Data type: STRING
  • Default: <id>


  • If the command is executed successfully, there is no output.
  • If the component owner's ID is duplicated, TiUP reports the error Error: owner %s exists.
  • If the key is used by another component owner, TiUP reports the error Error: key %s exists.

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