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Miscellaneous Functions

TiDB supports most of the miscellaneous functions available in MySQL 5.7.

Supported functions

ANY_VALUE()Suppress ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY value rejection
DEFAULT()Returns the default value for a table column
INET_ATON()Return the numeric value of an IP address
INET_NTOA()Return the IP address from a numeric value
INET6_ATON()Return the numeric value of an IPv6 address
INET6_NTOA()Return the IPv6 address from a numeric value
IS_IPV4()Whether argument is an IPv4 address
IS_IPV4_COMPAT()Whether argument is an IPv4-compatible address
IS_IPV4_MAPPED()Whether argument is an IPv4-mapped address
IS_IPV6()Whether argument is an IPv6 address
NAME_CONST()Can be used to rename a column name
SLEEP()Sleep for a number of seconds
UUID()Return a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)
VALUES()Defines the values to be used during an INSERT

Unsupported functions

GET_LOCK()Get a named lock TiDB #10929
RELEASE_LOCK()Releases the named lock TiDB #10929
UUID_SHORT()Provides a UUID that is unique given certain assumptions not present in TiDB TiDB #4620
MASTER_WAIT_POS()Relates to MySQL replication
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