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Check the TiDB Cluster Status Using SQL Statements

TiDB offers some SQL statements and system tables to check the TiDB cluster status.

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA system database offers system tables as follows to query the cluster status and diagnose common cluster issues:

You can also use the following statements to obtain some useful information for troubleshooting and querying the TiDB cluster status.

  • ADMIN SHOW DDL: obtains the ID of TiDB with the DDL owner role and IP:PORT.
  • The feature of SHOW ANALYZE STATUS is the same with that of the ANALYZE_STATUS table.
  • Specific EXPLAIN statements
    • EXPLAIN ANALYZE: obtains some detailed information for execution of a SQL statement.
    • EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION: obtains the execution plan for the query executed last in a connection. Can be used along with SHOW PROCESSLIST.
    • For more information about EXPLAIN, see Understand the Query Execution Plan.
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