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TiKV Configuration Flags

TiKV supports some readable unit conversions for command line parameters.

  • File size (based on byte): KB, MB, GB, TB, PB (or lowercase)
  • Time (based on ms): ms, s, m, h

-A, --addr

  • The address that the TiKV server monitors
  • Default: ""
  • To deploy a cluster, you must use --addr to specify the IP address of the current host, such as "". If the cluster is run on Docker, specify the IP address of Docker as "".


  • The server advertise address for client traffic from outside
  • Default: ${addr}
  • If the client cannot connect to TiKV through the default monitoring address because of Docker or NAT network, you must manually set the advertise address explicitly.
  • For example, the internal IP address of Docker is, while the IP address of the host is and the port mapping is set to -p 20160:20160. In this case, you can set --advertise-addr to "". The client can find this service through

-C, --config

  • The config file
  • Default: ""
  • If you set the configuration using the command line, the same setting in the config file will be overwritten.


  • The store capacity
  • Default: 0 (unlimited)
  • PD uses this flag to determine how to balance the TiKV servers. (Tip: you can use 10GB instead of 1073741824)


  • The path to the data directory
  • Default: "/tmp/tikv/store"

-L, --Log

  • The log level
  • Default: "info"
  • You can choose from trace, debug, info, warn, error, or off.


  • The log file
  • Default: ""
  • If this flag is not set, logs will be written to stderr. Otherwise, logs will be stored in the log file which will be automatically rotated every day.


  • The address list of PD servers
  • Default: ""
  • To make TiKV work, you must use the value of --pd to connect the TiKV server to the PD server. Separate multiple PD addresses using comma, for example ",,".
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