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Contribute to TiDB

We recommend starting with an existing issue with the help-wanted label. These issues are well suited for new contributors.

If a PR (Pull Request) submitted to the TiDB/TiKV/TiSpark/PD/Docs/Docs-cn projects by you is approved and merged, then you become a TiDB Contributor.

Before submitting a pull request, sign the CLA.

If you want to work on a new idea of relatively small scope:

  1. Submit an issue describing your proposed change to the repo in question.
  2. The repo owners will respond to your issue promptly.
  3. If your proposed change is accepted, sign the CLA, and start work in your fork.
  4. Submit a pull request containing a tested change.

Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.

Improve the docs

We welcome contributions to help improve the documentation!

The TiDB docs are written in Markdown and use the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide. Don't worry if this is new to you, we are happy to guide you along the way.

To contribute, please fork the docs repository and send a Pull Request.

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