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What's New in TiDB Operator 1.1

Based on 1.0, TiDB Operator 1.1 has several new features, including TiDB 4.0 support, TiKV data encryption, and TLS certificate configuration. TiDB Operator v1.1 also supports deploying new components such as TiFlash and TiCDC.

TiDB Operator 1.1 also makes improvements in usability, providing the user experience that is consistent with the Kubernetes native resources.


  • TidbCluster CR supports deploying and managing the PD Discovery component, which is fully capable of replacing tidb-cluster chart to manage the TiDB cluster.

  • TidbCluster CR adds support for Pump, TiFlash, TiCDC, and TiDB Dashboard.

  • Add the Admission Controller (optional) to improve the user experience of upgrade and scaling, and to provide the canary release feature.

  • tidb-scheduler supports high availability (HA) scheduling at any dimension and scheduler preemption.

  • Support using tikv-importer chart to deploy and manage tikv-importer.


  • Add TidbMonitor CR to deploy the cluster monitoring.

  • Add TidbInitializer CR to initialize the cluster.

  • Add Backup, BackupSchedule, and Restore CR to back up and restore the cluster, which supports using Amazon S3 or GCS as the remote storage.

  • Support gracefully restart a component in the TiDB cluster.


  • Support configuring TLS certificates for the TiDB cluster components and for MySQL clients.

  • Support TiKV data encryption.

Experimental features

  • Add TidbClusterAutoScaler to implement auto-scaling. You can enable this feature by turning on the AutoScaling switch.

  • Add the optional Advanced StatefulSet Controller, which supports deleting a specific Pod. You can enable this feature by turning on the AdvancedStatefulSet switch.

For the full release notes, see 1.1 CHANGE LOG.

To deploy TiDB Operator in Kubernetes, see Deployment. For CRD documentation, see API references.

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