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TiDB Operator 1.1.8 Release Notes

Release date: December 21, 2020

TiDB Operator version: 1.1.8

New Features

  • Support arbitrary Volume and VolumeMount for PD, TiDB, TiKV, TiFlash, Backup and Restore, which enables using NFS or any other kubernetes supported volume source for backup/restore workflow (#3517, @dragonly)


  • Support cluster and client TLS for tidb-lightning and tikv-importer helm charts (#3598, @csuzhangxc)

  • Support setting additional ports for the TiDB service. Users can utilize this feature to implement customized services, e.g. additional health check (#3599, @handlerww)

  • Support skipping TLS when connecting TidbInitializer to TiDB Server (#3564, @LinuxGit)

  • Support tableFilters for restoring data using TiDB Lightning (#3521, @sstubbs)

  • Support Prometheus to scrape metrics data from multiple TiDB clusters (#3622, @mikechengwei)

    ACTION REQUIRED: If TidbMonitor CRs are deployed, update the spec.initializer.version to v4.0.9 after upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.1.8, or some metrics will not be shown correctly in the Grafana dashboards. Prometheus crape job names are changed from ${component} to ${namespace}-${TidbCluster Name}-${component}.

  • component label is added to the scrape jobs of Prometheus in TidbMonitor (#3609, @mikechengwei)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that TiDB cluster fails to deploy if spec.tikv.storageVolumes is configured (#3586, @mikechengwei)
  • Fix codecs error for non-ASCII character password in the TidbInitializer job (#3569, @handlerww)
  • Fix the issue that TiFlash Pods are misrecognized as TiKV Pods. The original issue can potentially cause TiDB Operator to scale in TiKV Pods to a number smaller than tikv.replicas, when there are TiFlash Pods in the TidbCluster (#3514, @handlerww)
  • Fix the issue that deploying Backup CR without spec.from configured will crash tidb-controller-manager Pod when TLS is enabled for TiDB client (#3535, @dragonly)
  • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning doesn't log to stdout (#3617, @csuzhangxc)
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