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TiDB Operator 1.1.3 Release Notes

Release date: July 27, 2020

TiDB Operator version: 1.1.3

Action Required

  • Add a field cleanPolicy in BackupSpec to denote the clean policy for backup data when the Backup CR is deleted from the cluster (default to Retain). Note that before v1.1.3, TiDB Operator will clean the backup data in the remote storage when the Backup CR is deleted, so if you want to clean backup data as before, set spec.cleanPolicy in Backup CR or spec.backupTemplate.cleanPolicy in BackupSchedule CR to Delete. (#3002, @lichunzhu)

  • Replace mydumper with dumpling for backup.

    If spec.mydumper is configured in the Backup CR or spec.backupTemplate.mydumper is configured in the BackupSchedule CR, migrate it to spec.dumpling or spec.backupTemplate.dumpling. After you upgrade TiDB Operator to v1.1.3, note that spec.mydumper or spec.backupTemplate.mydumper will be lost after the upgrade. (#2870, @lichunzhu)

Other Notable Changes

  • Update tools in backup manager to v4.0.3 (#3019, @lichunzhu)
  • Support cleanPolicy for the Backup CR to define the clean behavior of the backup data in the remote storage when the Backup CR is deleted (#3002, @lichunzhu)
  • Add TLS support for TiCDC (#3011, @weekface)
  • Add TLS support between Drainer and the downstream database server (#2993, @lichunzhu)
  • Support specifying mysqlNodePort and statusNodePort for TiDB Service Spec (#2941, @lichunzhu)
  • Fix the initialCommitTs bug in Drainer's values.yaml (#2857, @weekface)
  • Add backup config for TiKV server, add enable-telemetry, and deprecate disable-telemetry config for PD server (#2964, @lichunzhu)
  • Add commitTS info column in get restore command (#2926, @lichunzhu)
  • Update the used Grafana version from v6.0.1 to v6.1.6 (#2923, @lichunzhu)
  • Support showing commitTS in restore status (#2899, @lichunzhu)
  • Exit without error if the backup data the user tries to clean does not exist (#2916, @lichunzhu)
  • Support auto-scaling by storage for TiKV in TidbClusterAutoScaler (#2884, @Yisaer)
  • Clean temporary files in Backup job with Dumpling to save space (#2897, @lichunzhu)
  • Fail the backup job if existing PVC's size is smaller than the storage request in the backup job (#2894, @lichunzhu)
  • Support scaling and auto-failover even if a TiKV store fails in upgrading (#2886, @cofyc)
  • Fix a bug that the TidbMonitor resource could not be set (#2878, @weekface)
  • Fix an error for the monitor creation in the tidb-cluster chart (#2869, @8398a7)
  • Remove readyToScaleThresholdSeconds in TidbClusterAutoScaler; TiDB Operator won't support de-noise in TidbClusterAutoScaler (#2862, @Yisaer)
  • Update the version of TiDB Lightning used in tidb-backup-manager from v3.0.15 to v4.0.2 (#2865, @lichunzhu)
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