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TiDB Operator 1.1.1 Release Notes

Release date: June 19, 2020

TiDB Operator version: 1.1.1

Notable changes

  • Add the additionalContainers and additionalVolumes fields so that TiDB Operator can support adding sidecars to TiDB, TiKV, PD, etc. (#2229, @yeya24)
  • Add cross check to ensure TiKV is not scaled or upgraded at the same time (#2705, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Fix the bug that TidbMonitor will scrape multi TidbCluster with the same name in different namespaces when then namespace in ClusterRef is not set (#2746, @Yisaer)
  • Update TiDB Operator examples to deploy TiDB Cluster 4.0.0 images (#2600, @kolbe)
  • Add the alertMangerAlertVersion option to TidbMonitor (#2744, @weekface)
  • Fix alert rules lost after rolling upgrade (#2715, @weekface)
  • Fix an issue that pods may be stuck in pending for a long time in scale-out after a scale-in (#2709, @cofyc)
  • Add EnableDashboardInternalProxy in PDSpec to let user directly visit PD Dashboard (#2713, @Yisaer)
  • Fix the PV syncing error when TidbMonitor and TidbCluster have different values in reclaimPolicy (#2707, @Yisaer)
  • Update Configuration to v4.0.1 (#2702, @Yisaer)
  • Change tidb-discovery strategy type to Recreate to fix the bug that more than one discovery pod may exist (#2701, @weekface)
  • Expose the Dashboard service with HTTP endpoint whether tlsCluster is enabled (#2684, @Yisaer)
  • Add the .tikv.dataSubDir field to specify subdirectory within the data volume to store TiKV data (#2682, @cofyc)
  • Add the imagePullSecrets attribute to all components (#2679, @weekface)
  • Enable StatefulSet and Pod validation webhook to work at the same time (#2664, @Yisaer)
  • Emit an event if it fails to sync labels to TiKV stores (#2587, @PengJi)
  • Make datasource information hidden in log for Backup and Restore jobs (#2652, @Yisaer)
  • Support the DynamicConfiguration switch in TidbCluster Spec (#2539, @Yisaer)
  • Support LoadBalancerSourceRanges in the ServiceSpec for the TidbCluster and TidbMonitor (#2610, @shonge)
  • Support Dashboard metrics ability for TidbCluster when TidbMonitor deployed (#2483, @Yisaer)
  • Bump the DM version to v2.0.0-beta.1 (#2615, @tennix)
  • support setting discovery resources (#2434, @shonge)
  • Support the Denoising for the TidbCluster Auto-scaling (#2307, @vincent178)
  • Support scraping Pump and Drainer metrics in TidbMonitor (#2750, @Yisaer)
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