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TiDB Operator 1.1 RC.3 Release Notes

Release date: April 30, 2020

TiDB Operator version: 1.1.0-rc.3

Notable Changes

  • Skip auto-failover when pods are not scheduled and perform recovery operation no matter what state failover pods are in (#2263, @cofyc)
  • Support TiFlash metrics in TidbMonitor (#2341, @Yisaer)
  • Do not print rclone config in the Pod logs (#2343, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Using Patch in periodicity controller to avoid updating StatefulSet to the wrong state (#2332, @Yisaer)
  • Set enable-placement-rules to true for PD if TiFlash is enabled in the cluster (#2328, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Support rclone options in the Backup and Restore CR (#2318, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Fix the issue that statefulsets are updated during each sync even if no changes are made to the config (#2308, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Support configuring Ingress in TidbMonitor (#2314, @Yisaer)
  • Fix a bug that auto-created failover pods can't be deleted when they are in the failed state (#2300, @cofyc)
  • Add useful Event in TidbCluster during upgrading and scaling when admissionWebhook.validation.pods in operator configuration is enabled (#2305, @Yisaer)
  • Fix the issue that services are updated during each sync even if no changes are made to the service configuration (#2299, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Fix a bug that would cause panic in statefulset webhook when the update strategy of StatefulSet is not RollingUpdate (#2291, @Yisaer)
  • Fix a panic in syncing TidbClusterAutoScaler status when the target TidbCluster does not exist (#2289, @Yisaer)
  • Fix the pdapi cache issue while the cluster TLS is enabled (#2275, @weekface)
  • Fix the config error in restore (#2250, @Yisaer)
  • Support failover for TiFlash (#2249, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Update the default eks version in terraform scripts to 1.15 (#2238, @Yisaer)
  • Support upgrading for TiFlash (#2246, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Add stderr logs from BR to the backup-manager logs (#2213, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Add field TiKVEncryptionConfig in TiKVConfig, which defines how to encrypt data key and raw data in TiKV, and how to back up and restore the master key. See the description for details in tikv_config.go (#2151, @shuijing198799)
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