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TiDB Operator 1.0.4 Release Notes

Release date: November 23, 2019

TiDB Operator version: 1.0.4

v1.0.4 What's New

Action Required

There is no action required if you are upgrading from v1.0.3.


#1202 introduced HostNetwork support, which offers better performance compared to the Pod network. Check out our benchmark report for details.

#1175 added the podSecurityContext support for TiDB cluster Pods. We recommend setting the namespaced kernel parameters for TiDB cluster Pods according to our Environment Recommendation.

New Helm chart tidb-lightning brings TiDB Lightning support for TiDB in Kubernetes. Check out the document for detailed user guide.

Another new Helm chart tidb-drainer brings multiple drainers support for TiDB Binlog in Kubernetes. Check out the document for detailed user guide.


  • Support HostNetwork (#1202)
  • Support configuring sysctls for Pods and enable net.* (#1175)
  • Add tidb-lightning support (#1161)
  • Add new helm chart tidb-drainer to support multiple drainers (#1160)

Detailed Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Add e2e scripts and simplify the e2e Jenkins file (#1174)
  • Fix the pump/drainer data directory to avoid data loss caused by bad configuration (#1183)
  • Add init sql case to e2e (#1199)
  • Keep the instance label of drainer same with the TiDB cluster in favor of monitoring (#1170)
  • Set podSecuriyContext to nil by default in favor of backward compatibility (#1184)

Additional Notes for Users of v1.1.0.alpha branch

For historical reasons, v1.1.0.alpha is a hot-fix branch and got this name by mistake. All fixes in that branch are cherry-picked to v1.0.4 and the v1.1.0.alpha branch will be discarded to keep things clear.

We strongly recommend you to upgrade to v1.0.4 if you are using any version under v1.1.0.alpha.

v1.0.4 introduces the following fixes comparing to v1.1.0.alpha.3:

  • Support HostNetwork (#1202)
  • Add the permit host option for tidb-initializer job (#779)
  • Fix drainer misconfiguration in tidb-cluster chart (#945)
  • Set the default externalTrafficPolicy to be Local for TiDB services (#960)
  • Fix tidb-operator crash when users modify sts upgrade strategy improperly (#969)
  • Add the maxFailoverCount limit to TiKV (#976)
  • Fix values file customization for tidb-operator on Aliyun (#983)
  • Do not limit failover count when maxFailoverCount = 0 (#978)
  • Suspend the ReplaceUnhealthy process for TiKV auto-scaling-group on AWS (#1027)
  • Fix the issue that the create_tidb_cluster_release variable does not work (#1066))
  • Add v1 to statefulset apiVersions (#1056)
  • Add timezone support (#1126)
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