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TiDB Operator 1.0 GA Release Notes

Release date: July 30, 2019

TiDB Operator version: 1.0.0

v1.0.0 What's New

Action Required

  • ACTION REQUIRED: tikv.storeLabels was removed from values.yaml. You can directly set it with location-labels in pd.config.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: the --features flag of tidb-scheduler has been updated to the key={true,false} format. You can enable the feature by appending =true.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: you need to change the configurations in values.yaml of previous chart releases to the new values.yaml of the new chart. Otherwise, the configurations will be ignored when upgrading the TiDB cluster with the new chart.

The pd section in old values.yaml:

pd: logLevel: info maxStoreDownTime: 30m maxReplicas: 3

The pd section in new values.yaml:

pd: config: | [log] level = "info" [schedule] max-store-down-time = "30m" [replication] max-replicas = 3

The tikv section in old values.yaml:

tikv: logLevel: info syncLog: true readpoolStorageConcurrency: 4 readpoolCoprocessorConcurrency: 8 storageSchedulerWorkerPoolSize: 4

The tikv section in new values.yaml:

tikv: config: | log-level = "info" [server] status-addr = "" [raftstore] sync-log = true [] high-concurrency = 4 normal-concurrency = 4 low-concurrency = 4 [readpool.coprocessor] high-concurrency = 8 normal-concurrency = 8 low-concurrency = 8 [storage] scheduler-worker-pool-size = 4

The tidb section in old values.yaml:

tidb: logLevel: info preparedPlanCacheEnabled: false preparedPlanCacheCapacity: 100 txnLocalLatchesEnabled: false txnLocalLatchesCapacity: "10240000" tokenLimit: "1000" memQuotaQuery: "34359738368" txnEntryCountLimit: "300000" txnTotalSizeLimit: "104857600" checkMb4ValueInUtf8: true treatOldVersionUtf8AsUtf8mb4: true lease: 45s maxProcs: 0

The tidb section in new values.yaml:

tidb: config: | token-limit = 1000 mem-quota-query = 34359738368 check-mb4-value-in-utf8 = true treat-old-version-utf8-as-utf8mb4 = true lease = "45s" [log] level = "info" [prepared-plan-cache] enabled = false capacity = 100 [txn-local-latches] enabled = false capacity = 10240000 [performance] txn-entry-count-limit = 300000 txn-total-size-limit = 104857600 max-procs = 0

The monitor section in old values.yaml:

monitor: create: true ...

The monitor section in new values.yaml:

monitor: create: true initializer: image: pingcap/tidb-monitor-initializer:v3.0.5 imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent reloader: create: true image: pingcap/tidb-monitor-reloader:v1.0.0 imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent service: type: NodePort ...

Please check cluster configuration for detailed configuration.

Stability Test Cases Added

  • Stop all etcds and kubelets


  • Simplify GKE SSD setup
  • Modularization for AWS Terraform scripts
  • Turn on the automatic failover feature by default
  • Enable configmap rollout by default
  • Enable stable scheduling by default
  • Support multiple TiDB clusters management in Alibaba Cloud
  • Enable AWS NLB cross zone load balancing by default

Bug Fixes

  • Fix sysbench installation on bastion machine of AWS deployment
  • Fix TiKV metrics monitoring in default setup

Detailed Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Allow upgrading TiDB monitor along with TiDB version (#666)
  • Specify the TiKV status address to fix monitoring (#695)
  • Fix sysbench installation on bastion machine for AWS deployment (#688)
  • Update the git add upstream command to use https in contributing document (#690)
  • Stability cases: stop kubelet and etcd (#665)
  • Limit test cover packages (#687)
  • Enable nlb cross zone load balancing by default (#686)
  • Add TiKV raftstore parameters (#681)
  • Support multiple TiDB clusters management for Alibaba Cloud (#658)
  • Adjust the EndEvictLeader function (#680)
  • Add more logs (#676)
  • Update feature gates to support key={true,false} syntax (#677)
  • Fix the typo meke to make (#679)
  • Enable configmap rollout by default and quote configmap digest suffix (#678)
  • Turn automatic failover on (#667)
  • Sets node count for default pool equal to total desired node count (#673)
  • Upgrade default TiDB version to v3.0.1 (#671)
  • Remove storeLabels (#663)
  • Change the way to configure TiDB/TiKV/PD in charts (#638)
  • Modularize for AWS terraform scripts (#650)
  • Change the DeferClose function (#653)
  • Increase the default storage size for Pump from 10Gi to 20Gi in response to stop-write-at-available-space (#657)
  • Simplify local SDD setup (#644)
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