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Destroy TiDB Clusters in Kubernetes

This document describes how to destroy TiDB clusters in Kubernetes.

Destroy a TiDB cluster managed by TidbCluster

To destroy a TiDB cluster managed by TidbCluster, run the following command:

kubectl delete tc ${cluster_name} -n ${namespace}

If you deploy the monitor in the cluster using TidbMonitor, run the following command to delete the monitor component:

kubectl delete tidbmonitor ${tidb_monitor_name} -n ${namespace}

Destroy a TiDB cluster managed by Helm

To destroy a TiDB cluster managed by Helm, run the following command:

helm uninstall ${cluster_name} -n ${namespace}

Delete data

The above commands that destroy the cluster only remove the running Pod, but the data is still retained. If you want to delete the data as well, use the following commands:

kubectl delete pvc -n ${namespace} -l${cluster_name},
kubectl get pv -l${namespace},,${cluster_name} -o name | xargs -I {} kubectl patch {} -p '{"spec":{"persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy":"Delete"}}'
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