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Create a Data Migration Task

You can use the start-task command to create a data migration task. When the data migration task is started, DM prechecks privileges and configurations.

help start-task
Starts a task as defined in the configuration file
  dmctl start-task [-s source ...] [--remove-meta] <config-file> [flags]
  -h, --help          Help for start-task
      --remove-meta   Whether to remove task's metadata
Global Flags:
  -s, --source strings   MySQL Source ID

Usage example

start-task [ -s "mysql-replica-01"] ./task.yaml

Flags description

  • -s: (Optional) Specifies the MySQL source to execute task.yaml. If it is set, the command only starts the subtasks of the specified task on the MySQL source.
  • config-file: (Required) Specifies the file path of task.yaml.
  • remove-meta: (Optional) Specifies whether to remove the task's previous metadata when starting the task.

Returned results

start-task task.yaml
    "result": true,
    "msg": "",
    "sources": [
            "result": true,
            "msg": "",
            "source": "mysql-replica-01",
            "worker": "worker1"
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