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TiDB Data Migration Documentation

TiDB Data Migration (DM) is an integrated data migration task management platform, which supports data migration from MySQL-compatible databases (such as MySQL, MariaDB, and Aurora MySQL) into TiDB. It can help to reduce the operation cost of data migration.

The latest stable version of DM is v2.0.

What's new in DM v2.0:

  • High availability of data migration tasks. The data migration task can run normally even when some DM-master or DM-worker nodes fail.
  • Sharding DDL support in the optimistic mode. In this mode, migration latency can be reduced in some scenarios and you can make A/B changes in the upstream database.
  • Better usability, including the new error handling mechanism and the easier-to-read error messages and error handling suggestions.
  • TLS support for connections between the upstream and the downstream, and for connections between DM components.
  • Support for migrating data from MySQL 8.0 (experimental).

Currently, DM does not have a graphical interface and provides limited support for managing a large number of data migration tasks. If you need to operate a large number of data migration tasks, using DM might be inconvenient.

About TiDB Data Migration
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